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parts of Newspaper أجزاءالصحيفة

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Parts of a Newspaper

There are thirteen sections in a newspaper. These sections are very useful because when you are reading the newspaper quickly, and you want to see what happened at the football or basketball game last night, you can simply skip ahead to the sports section. If you're looking for something that is almost halfway across the globe, you would want to look in the international section. If you want to see what's happening business-wise, you'd want to look in the business section. Listed below are the sections in a newspaper and examples of what you can find.

1. International: The international section of a newspaper tells you about news in different continents, such as Africa, the Americas, Europe, and Asia.

2. Washington: Washington's section is about things that are going on in our nation's capital

3. The New York Region: The New York Region's section is based on things that are happening in New York and the states surrounding it. For example, New Jersey and Connecticut.

4. Business: The business section is for things that are happening business-wise. For example, the business section might contain media and advertising, world business, the economy of the country that you live in, the stock markets, company researches, mutual funds, and stock portfolios.

5. Technology: The technology section contains things that are going in and out of style in the technology world, things that are coming out, and things that have been out, but they're coming back in style.

6. Science: The science section in a newspaper contains things that are happening in our medical world today. For example: a science section in a newspaper might contain what's happening in outer space, and it might contain things that are happening in and around our environment.

7. Health: The health section in a newspaper would usually contain the things that are happning to a modern day person's health. For example: they might have come out with a new medicine that could clear the human race totally of allergies. In a health section, there might be news containing things about fitness and nutrition, new health care policies, and mental health and behavior.

8. Sports: In a sports section, you may find out about last night's baseball, basketball, and football game. That's the second thing besides asking your buddies down at the pizza parlor. It may also tell you about a player on a team that might have gotten injured and cannot play. In a sports section, you can find out things about basketball, professional basketball, golf, soccer, tennis, professional football, and different sports that maybe you'd want to look for.

9. Education: The thing that a student favors the most: the education section. In the education section you might be able to find out the overall average for students in a partucular school, and maybe even a couple of awards that a student won for the school that they attend, or doing something that would help their school do better.

10. Weather: In a weather section, you can find the weather, where ever you may need to know.

11. Obituaries: In an obitary, you cn find out about people who passed on recently, and people think that their death should be mentioned to the community. When you would go to this section in a newspaper, you can most likely find a picture about someone and a short biography.

12. The cover page story: In this section, you'd just find the story that has the cover page has on it. It has more detail, and is usually found in the first few pages in the newspaper.

13. Table of contents: This is the most important part of a newspaper. This part of the newspaper shows where to find all of these newspaper sections. Without it, reading the newspaper would take hours to read!

As you can see, There are many sections to a newspaper. They all play an important part, and when they act together, they make a newspaper.

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