Nouns Types

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Nouns Types

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Nouns : Kinds
A nouns is the name of anything . Nouns may be classified logically into two main categories
Concrete 2- Abstract
:Concrete nouns :may be sub -divided into tow categories

.a) Common nouns : names common to all things of one kind : girl , river , wolf , city

b) proper nouns : names of special persons , animals , places , or things :

Nada ,the Nile , Beirut

Abstract nouns : are the names of qualities , states or activities : health , poverty ,pleasure , youth.


A collective noun : denotes a group or collection of similar individuals considered

as one complete whole : crowd , army , flock , class

Nouns Number

Only countable nouns can be used in the plural .

The plural is formed in different ways ....

a- By adding "s" to the singular :

map maps

b- By adding "es" to nouns that end in "ch , sh , s (s) , x , z (z)".

bench benches
brush brushes
dress dresses
box boxes
fez fezzes, fezzes

c- Nouns ending in "y" that comes after a vowel take "s" for the plural

key keys

d- Nouns ending in "y" that comes after a consonant .

change the "y" into "ies" .

lady ladies

e- Some nouns that end in "f" or "fe" change the "f" or "fe" into "ves" :


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